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A painless and safe way to view images of the body!

Ultrasound scanning is the use of high-frequency sound waves to view images of the body. Images are captured in real-time, and can show the structure of the body’s internal organs, blood flow, fetal development and movement.

Ultrasound is used for Obstetrics and Gynecology evaluation.


An Obstetric Ultrasound can be used to

  • Date a Pregnancy
  • Check the positioning and progression of the fetus
  • Evaluate fetal cardiac development
  • Evaluate the placenta
  • Determine the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Gender Screening
  • Diagnose miscarriage
  • Detect an ectopic pregnancy
  • Detect some birth defects

A Gynecologic Ultrasound can be used to

  • Evaluate the pelvis, uterus, ovaries, tubes, and cervix
  • Identify pelvic masses: fibroids, ovarian cysts
  • Identify causes of abnormal bleeding
  • Identify causes of pelvic pain
  • Check correct placement of an IUD


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Providence Women‘s Healthcare

Providence Women’s Healthcare provides Gynecology and Obstetrics services in each of the three locations: Alpharetta / Roswell, Atlanta / Dunwoody, and Johns Creek / Suwanee. We are the OB GYN office in the North Atlanta area for women’s healthcare and pregnancy healthcare you can trust. We are women caring for women.

Our providers are female gynecologist specialists and OB specialists. Our midwives are certified nurse midwives. We offer a wide range of services in gynecology care, obstetrics care, and midwifery care; including ultrasounds, family planning, gynecology surgery, wellness, and even telemedicine. Whether you are experiencing your first pregnancy, you have OB GYN related health questions, are interested in water birth, or need a breast screening – we take care of everything.

We offer consultation about your menopause, doula services, infertility, prenatal healthcare; or if necessary, about cancer. We have very diverse medical care providers reflecting our diverse patient population. We are there for you! Just give us a call. We are proud to be an OB GYN office that accepts Medicaid and Commercial Plans at all our locations throughout the North Georgia area. You can meet our midwives and get education to prepare you for birth and give you detailed information about hospital birth including waterbirth.